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Daughters Of Divine Destiny

As a daughter of King Jesus, I'm a big advocate for mental health and mental illness. I have been a victim of childhood trauma and found myself in a mental health cycle under many psychiatrists in my teens and early twenties. I was on social security disability for some years while trying to raise my children. I even found myself homeless for a while. My heart cries out to others that face hopelessness in situations far beyond one's control. My baby brother never recovered from the state of Paranoid Schizophrenia. Childhood trauma can have long-lasting effects on one's ability to have an everyday free life.

Jesus delivered me years ago from this debilitating state.

Self-esteem, self-affirmation, Purpose, and Destiny are needed to overcome these paralyzing mental delusions and disabilities.

Miles Monroe wrote when the Purpose is not known; abuse is inevitable.

When donating to this cause, you are helping others with this debilitating state to get to a better place. The enemy can place people, places, and things to stop you from fulfilling your destiny. It is essential to know who you are and what you are called to do and walk in your being. As an advocate, I can proudly say I have recovered and have achieved many accomplishments thanks to King Jesus, the author, and finisher of my faith and fate. Women Empowering Others to Fulfill Their Destiny, Spirit Soul & Body

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