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Our Vision

Special Letter, to all the ladies. Trauma and Its Effects on the Family

As a daughter of King Jesus, I'm a big advocate for mental health and mental illness. I have been a victim of childhood trauma and found myself in a mental health cycle under many psychiatrists in my teens and early twenties. I was on social security disability for many years while trying to raise my children. I was homeless for a while. My heart cries out to others that face hopelessness in situations far beyond one's control. My baby brother never recovered from the state of Paranoid Schizophrenia. Childhood trauma can have long-lasting effects on one's ability to have an everyday free life.

Jesus delivered me years ago from this debilitating state, and, He can heal you too.

Self-esteem, Self-affirmation, Purpose, and Destiny are needed to overcome these paralyzing mental delusions and disabilities. 

Miles Monroe wrote when the Purpose is not known; abuse is inevitable.

When donating to our cause, you are helping others with this debilitating state to get to a better place. The enemy can place people, places, and things to stop you from fulfilling your Purpose and Destiny. It is essential to know who you are and the work God calls you to do the work and walk in your spiritual and natural being. Daughters Of Divine Destiny will guide us to help one another heal and guide us to recovery. As an advocate, I can proudly say I have recovered and have achieved many accomplishments thanks to King Jesus, the author, and finisher of my faith.

Women Empowering, Encouraging, and Equipping Each Other! 

We aim to provide women with self-improving tools, resources, and relationship building while imparting inspiration and providing platforms needed to thrive in their calling Personally, Professionally, and Spiritually.     

We believe in Divine Wellness and The Total Woman!  

DDD has hosted Annual Conferences and other events and workshop classes that provide practical advice, tips, tools, resources, and  assist entrepreneurs to fulfill their destiny building throughout the years.   
We spot-light many speakers and leaders. We have funded and have empowered many Women in Transition ie. Women with Cancer and Mental Illness

We provide workshop mixers and places for women to showcase their leadership ability and market their merchandise. 

We also offer content and resources from partners whom we feel are of value to our audience.

As a former Entrepreneur and a graduate from the school of hard knocks, I purpose to help others fulfill their God Given Destiny; with God's Help, All Things are Possible.

Founder  Micheline McFarland

Print Model
Fashion & Beauty Expert
4-Day Spas & Salons  20+ Years Experience
Hair, Fashion, Make-Up & Skin Care Line

Conference Host and Speaker

Advocate for Women 
Event Designer & Coordinator
Beauty Consultant
Interior Designer 
Business Start-Up Training
Still an Entrepreneur/Spiritual-preneur

Spiritual Gifts:
Prophetic Gift
Mental Health Advocate

Endtime-Awareness Movement
Community Leader
Public Speaker

Dr. Micheline McFarland was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the second child of Benjamin and Josette Ostane, who migrated here from The Dominican Republic of Haiti. Micheline was sent to Haiti to live with her grandmother at nine months old. Her grandmother sent her back to meet and live with her parents in Brooklyn, New York, at seven years old. Being a Haitian immigrant, she had to adjust to a new culture, a brand new society, and brand new parents and meeting her sister for the first time, with her sister next to her meeting her for the first time. Her parents moved from New York and settled in Los Angeles, where she grew up in the Wilshire district of Los Angeles. It was difficult going through so many adjustments to brand new culture, new language, a brand contemporary society, and new inattentive parents who split up and divorced. After her parents divorced, it was hard to adjust to so many changes and misplacements; she started to rebel during her adolescent years and ended up in the foster care system. Micheline learned many ways to adjust, and she purposed to overcome a spirit of abandonment and insecurity, and she did. 
She moved to Pasadena and has remained a resident since 1977. She owned and operated a Day Spa and Beauty Salon in Pasadena for over 20 years. Although challenges have been many, she purposed learn from it,  study it, and teach it.
God has called Dr. Micheline McFarland to cause deliverance in lives and open the spiritual eyes of the nations through the gift of prophecy while exposing the destructive tactics of the enemy. Her passion is in seeing people empowered, equipped, and delivered as she teaches the revealed Word of the Kingdom of God. Dr. Micheline has received her doctorate in theology from Suffield University. She has been married to the anointed "Leader to leaders," Pastor Anthony McFarland, for over 32 years, and they have two beautiful daughters and six grandchildren. 
Since 1994, Dr. Micheline has been blessing people with the anointing on her life and the Word of God through various conventions and seminars that include: www.MinistryandMarriage.Org; Self-Esteem Programs; and End time Awareness Conferences. She is also actively involved in the annual Kingdom of God International Conference (, which is designed to bring about unity in the body of Christ and is reaching the nations.
In 1998, the couple founded Abundant Harvest, now THE LIFT CHURCH; they graduated with honors from the Ministry Training Institute in Los Angeles; in the Year 2000. Dr. Micheline and Pastor McFarland were installed in Pasadena, California, by the honorable Apostle Frederick K.C. Price of Crenshaw Christian Center to operate as Abundant Harvest Christian Center. Dr. Micheline is the Vice President of Abundant Harvest Christian Center Inc. She continually takes the opportunity to use her knowledge to enhance one's inner and outer image. 
Along with her husband, Micheline is a member of The Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM), founder and Overseer of Crenshaw Christian Center Apostle Frederick K.C. Price,  their spiritual covering. They are also members of the Association of Independent Ministries (AIM) under the leadership of Bishop I.V. Hilliard in Houston, Texas. 
After serving in ministry with her husband for some years, she then saw a need within herself, and other women alike, for fulfilling their kingdom assignments and purpose.  She gave birth to a new vision of God called. "Daughters of Divine Destiny" in 2010: 

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